Steps To Take for A Construction Accident

Representing individuals in construction accident injuries can be a complex and challenging process. Here are some key steps that a lawyer might take in this type of case:

1. Investigation: The first step is to investigate the accident thoroughly. This may involve visiting the accident site, reviewing any available documents (such as construction plans or safety reports), interviewing witnesses, and consulting with experts (such as engineers or safety consultants).

2. Establishing liability: Once the investigation is complete, the lawyer will need to determine who is liable for the accident. This may include the construction company, the property owner, equipment manufacturers, or other parties.

3. Documenting damages: The lawyer will also need to document the client’s injuries and other damages resulting from the accident. This may include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

4. Negotiation: The lawyer will typically try to negotiate a settlement with the responsible parties or their insurers. This may involve mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

5. Litigation: If a settlement cannot be reached, the lawyer may need to file a lawsuit and take the case to trial. In this situation, the lawyer will present evidence and arguments to a judge and/or jury to establish liability and damages.

Throughout this process, the lawyer will advocate for the client’s rights and work to secure fair compensation for their injuries and other losses. It is important to choose a lawyer with experience in construction accident cases and a track record of success in this area of the law.

At Mossing & Navarre, LLC, we have brought numerous successful lawsuits on behalf of injured construction workers.  To setup your free, fully confidential consultation, please contact us today or call us at 312-262-6700.



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